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2600+ installs For Fintech Brand in Just 20 Days
The problem
Though the app and it’s content was completely free, there were not enough installs on the app.
The Challenge
- Spring Money was a new Fintech App that had no brand awareness. - It has great content on the app, but they were not getting much installed organically. - It doesn’t have any previous data regarding its audience and TAM.
SEO Company in Pune
Before marketing any product, we believe that: Regular Optimization of the campaigns and experimentation. <b>“We should own the product before we sell/market the product.”</b> To get maximum installs on the app we follow the following process:
Execution without tracking results is <b>USELESS.</b> To optimize the ad campaigns for the better, we carried out regular analysis of the results we were getting from the ad campaigns. This helped us to make our next strategies and implement them. We carried out Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports of the campaign and analyse them to take the next step.
Regular Optimization & experimentation.
<b>Optimization-</b> - Excluding non-performing locations. - Finding alternative interests to target right users. - Optimizing the placements to show our ad on right placement <b>Experiment-</b> - Creating a blog page to drive traffic on the website and retarget the website with app install campaigns - Leveraging omnichannel strategy- Awareness campaigns from Facebook and App install campaign from Google ads.
To design Ad Creatives that will relate to the customers, make them click on the ad and entice them to install the app
In just first 20 days, we got 2600+ installs on the Spring Money app with less than 5rs cost per install which is very low compared to marketing standards. <b>Conclusion</b> Overall the Springmoney Performance service was a great success. Spring Money was amazingly benefitted by getting 3500+ App Installs in just 30 days, with a cost per install is less than 5 rs constantly. We made Spring Money reach a wide audience and achieve their business goal in minimum time.


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