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4C Content Strategy For Creating Content Which Your Audience Loves.
  • Tue Oct 04 2022
  • 2 mins read

It is a general query of content writers about, what should be the content strategy on social media, how to create content for Youtube, how to create content for Instagram and something like that.

I know, you’re not another aimless writer who is looking to clutter up the internet. You have a specific purpose behind creating your content strategy plan. You all might be wishing to create content strategy which is valuable and insightful for your audience and helps you in getting all the benefits from that particular content strategy plan.

To serve your purpose, you create effective, valuable and engaging content for social media and all other platforms, but no one among your audience engages with your content.

Have you ever wondered,

Why does your audience not recognize the content you create?


Why do you struggle in every bit of creating engaging content for your audience?

Maybe, their inbox and social media streams are flooded with this type of engaging content.

Either of the questions above, I have a perfect solution for them.

The problem is not that you are not smart enough, but that you don’t follow an effective content strategy plan while creating your content. Millions of people out there are striving hard to fabricate appealing pieces of content, but somehow, they don’t succeed. On the other hand, few influencers create engaging and effective content.

Majority of the individuals who dream to have an outstanding journey as an influencer struggle in the content creation part. They have to face endless hardships in creating sparkling content which their audience will remember and give them recognition.

But no worries, this blog takes you through the process you can adopt to build a resilient Content dynasty.

So, let’s dive in!

What makes it hard to get your engaging content noticed?

Here are some of the loopholes that are creating trouble to connect with your audience.

Inadequate knowledge regarding the topic on which you are weaving your engaging content.

Lack of experience to present your content in the most desirable form.

Deficiency of self-confidence to express your views freely through your effective content.

Unable to grab the attention of your readers despite complete knowledge of the topic.

Does that mean, you’ll never be able to be loved by your audience?


No one starts with perfection, neither the great influencers started with perfection. Every imperfect try leads to perfection.

Now, we have noted down the lacunas in your content delivery process, it’s high time to adapt to a content writing methodology and more importantly be die heart CONSISTENT for it.

The elixir of content lies in 4C which you dare not miss.

All you need to do is follow these 4C with extremely hard work, dedication and consistency.

The 4Cs Content strategy plan can be imagined as the scaffolding of your structure so that they support you whenever you come across a problem while building your content dynasty.

Change the existing content strategy plan and try something different.

The first step to become a successful content creator is to ‘CONSUME’ How can you win a marathon with an empty stomach? How can you score full if you haven’t prepared for all the topics?

Similarly, How can you build an indestructible Content dynasty if you don’t gather the right resources?

For this phase of the journey, you have to play the role of an intelligent robber. Go and steal the resources around to be the master in content. Start exploring and absorbing every piece of content.

Make it a habit.

The motive behind this is to spark your brain cells with ingenious ideas. Also, merely reading different content pieces won’t help. You should even pen down the ideas you get while reading them.

Open up your mind and start searching for the engaging and effective content around you.

Seven things with which you can start consuming effective content:

Newspaper articles

Social Media Video Content

  • Tech magazines

  • Blogs

  • Podcasts

  • Infographics

  • E-books

Now that you have gathered the right resources for your Content dynasty, it’s time that we find someone who can help you apply your knowledge appropriately.

How do you find someone like this?

The following C in the journey is defined for the sole purpose of this.

CONNECT The next move to become a better content creator is Connect.

In this section, you have to find a companion that can help you grow.

Do I mean to actually text a person and tell him about your plans and ask him to join hands?

No, not really!

Social media platforms have made your job much easier.

May it be your LinkedIn connections, your Instagram and Twitter followers, or your Facebook friends, you should connect with the right people.

But these will just provide you with a helping hand; the influencers of all these social media platforms are the ones you should be concerned about.

As a content writer, you can follow entrepreneurs, thought leaders or eminent personalities with an online influence.

When you start following such accounts, you are no longer alone. Their experiences, their learnings, their mistakes, their solutions for the mistakes, all these are with you now.

This will help you carve a way to build your effective content strategy plan!

Seven accounts which you can start with, to create the best content for social media:

Gary Vee

Varun Mayya

Ranveer Allahbadia

Marketing Harry

Neil Patel


Elon MusK

Merely following these accounts won’t be helpful. You must engage yourself with the content they deliver to your door.

Start commenting on their posts, start tagging them in your posts, start asking questions in insta lives, etc.

Create the best content strategy plan by connecting with your favorite content creator and getting the insight on it.

Read below to know the next ‘C’ to create the best effective content strategy plan.


The third ‘C’ to advance as a content creator is to ‘Combine’.

In this phase of your journey, you assemble all the pieces of the puzzle together, but in your way.

This is a very crucial part of the journey as it determines your skill and creativity.

You have to actually start creating your pieces of content, kind of, start consolidating all the resources so that you build a strong dynasty.

So, this C deals with combining the first two Cs with your own flavour so that you can yield something really productive.

How can you do this?

Seven ways which can kick start your content creation plan:

  1. Writing a daily task consisting of 100 words on any topic.
  2. Elaborating a phrase in your way.
  3. Plotting down different solutions for the same problem
  4. Maintaining a diary
  5. Writing the same piece of content in the form of a blog post and a social media post
  6. Practicing the use of hashtags that can grab attention to your content
  7. Practicing different sections viz, headline, introduction, body and conclusion of the same post

This may take some time. But remember that it’s this part that defines your content dynasty, which makes you a successful emperor of your dynasty.

With this, we move to the last phase of the content strategy planning!


Lastly, to become a victorious content creator , you need to be ‘Consistent’.

Consistency is the torch that keeps your content dynasty beaming as bright as the stars.

Basically, the last C summarises all the three Cs and compels you to reach perfection!

A consistent content creator never deviates from his goal; never loses track of things.

If you mess with this one, then all your efforts will go in vain.

So, how do you follow this?

7 ways to be consistent towards your content strategy creation goals:

  1. Maintaining a scrum sheet for your daily activities
  2. Expressing gratitude towards your work your capabilities
  3. Shifting between the 4 Cs so that you take everything together
  4. Embracing yourself after a heavy day of work
  5. Rewarding yourself with short breaks.
  6. Being highly disciplined. 7.Expressing gratitude towards your work.

These ways might sound tough to follow, but gradually you will get used to these.

Consistency is what leads you to perfection!

This reminds me of the quote by Bruce Lee, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”.

The four Cs discussed in this blog provides you with a system to build an effective content strategy plan for all your business as well as personal platforms.

I know it’s not a piece of cake to follow each and every content strategy, but that’s what the challenge is!

In the beginning, you may face thousands of problems, thousands of shortcomings, thousands of things that may lead you into a dilemma, but what really matters is your determination!

“When you feel like quitting, remember why you began!”

This thought has kept me motivated along my journey. It’s time that you write down your journey so that history will witness your Content dynasty.

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Also, comment down your views about the blog and come up with more Cs that you think can boost your content strategy plan.

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